03 September 2007

Creating a blogroll

Update 11th Sep 2007:
xsession responded to my support request, and the opml file is now served, complete with the correct mime type.

Update 26th Dec 2009
Now on a linux host so no mime type issues now.

Podcast list added: podcasts.opml.

Now styled with custom xslt file opml.xsl.

As people may want to see my rss and podcast subscriptions, I have created a blogroll for you.

I've started with an OPML file, created by hand and uploaded to my web host. Unfortunately my web host won't (currently) serve the ".opml" file extension so I've had to use .txt.

so http://www.timwise.co.uk/blogroll.opml became http://www.timwise.co.uk/blogroll.opml.txt

I then validated the file with http://validator.opml.org/
I then added my feed to http://share.opml.org/ so you can now see the list at http://share.opml.org/viewsharedfeeds/?user_id=7189
In the opml I've separated podcasts and news feeds, but share.opml doesn't use this info.

There is some controversy over opml, but hell, it does the job. We can all upgrade when a better alternative goes mainstream.

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